Are Children of Divorced Families Valued by Our Culture?

Why Is Divorce A "Four Letter Word"?

Do We Value the Marriage Over Children and Families?

Is there room in our culture for healthy restructured families?

Does our culture truly believe that children need both parents?

Why are the parents of children set up as adversaries when there is a divorce?

Don't attorneys earn more financially when they encourage their clients' emotional discord and distrust of the other spouse and promote their clients' unreasonable antagonistic positions?

Why do attorneys intimidate and denigrate the other parent and sometimes the other counsel during a divorce?

How does encouraging a revenge-seeking spouse make him/her whole by punishing the other spouse?

Why is child support tied to the time each parent spends with the children creating more parental animosity, when in reality it is only about resources?

Why is it necessary to take a family’s finances and force each parent to fight individually over these limited and finite resources rather than looking at what is available to make sure the children are financially secure in both of their parents' homes?

Why are former spouses discouraged by their attorneys from discussing with each other their future or anything else during the divorce?

What is constructive about determining the responsibility of one spouse or the other spouse or both spouses for fault in the breakdown of a marriage?

How does this help co-parenting in the future?

If one spouse seeks retribution, how does that assist that spouse's future relationship with his or her children and the children's other parent?

If raising children in healthy manner and making sure they have a strong relationship with both parents is the goal, then what happens to the children of parents who go through the traditional adversarial litigated divorce, once the divorce is final? WE ALL KNOW THE ANSWER, BUT WE PERSIST!

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