DIVORCE: Trial ~ or ~ Agreement?

You only get one chance to get your divorce right!

Did you know that there are only two (2) ways to get divorced?

1. By a trial before the judge assigned to your divorce case.

Divorces are not conducted in the presence of a jury, only a judge conducts the trial and makes all of the decisions. Judges make NO final decisions on a divorce matter without a trial. In a trial, the lawyers present evidence in the way of testimony, documentation, demonstration, or any other physical evidence, all subject to the Rules of Evidence. You will be on the witness stand in a divorce trial.

Most divorces DO NOT go to trial - only about 2% of all divorces go to a trial. If people have not settled the issues of their marriage and divorce by the time of trial, you can bet your last dollar that those two spouses despise each other. They are also so polarized that there is no turning back and no future for their children. Most likely, many of them have made their innocent children pawns and/or weapons in their divorce. Most of them are probably so selfish that they attempt to or have turned their children against the other parent. Very sad for their children.

When the lawyers are finished and the court has made its decision, these people have to live with the consequences of a judge's ruling even if does not seem to be fair. Many judges believe that if both parties are unhappy they have done their job of being impartial.

2. The good news is that the other way to finalize a divorce is by agreement between the divorcing spouses.

Yes, but, how the heck can you get an agreement with the person who has ruined your life? There is a way - a better way.

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