DIVORCE ? Why not prepare yourself with information?

What happens? What is the process leading to a divorce? How do I prepare? What should I do next?

Well, how about going to the courthouse and sitting in on divorce proceedings?

Call or go online to reach the county courthouse in the county where you reside. Ask what day of the week is the weekly "Motion Call Day." You will want to find out which judges sit as the Family Division judges of the Circuit Court in your county.

Oakland County is Wednesday

Wayne County is Friday

Macomb County is Monday

Washtenaw County is Monday

Get there early on that day (9:00 a.m.) and visit the various courtrooms of the Family Division of your County Circuit Court. You will see what people (divorcing spouses and attorneys) do in court and learn how judges respond to the various issues they must hear during the time people are going through divorce. Remember all of the attorneys for each person in the divorce are getting paid by the hour while in court, even while sitting until their case is called.

It is highly unlikely that you will witness a divorce trial on Motion Call Day. The court dockets are usually packed on that day with judges trying to solve problems on a temporary basis. However, you can check with each judge's clerk to find out when a divorce trial may be conducted and then go on that day to see a divorce trial. Judges make no final decisions on divorce except at trial.

Almost everything that happens in the court is public. Sitting in the court listening and watching the issues on Motion Call Day or during a divorce trial is permitted because the courts are open to the public. This experience will be informative and most likely uncomfortable, but it will provide you with valuable information for how you may want to proceed.

If you want more information on the courts or more information on the various other, non-adversarial pathways to get divorced, please call 248.258.2828

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