Collaborative Divorce FAQ: Collaborative vs. Facilitative Mediation?

West Bloomfield, MI collaborative divorce attorney Danielle Smith answers: "What's the difference between collaborative divorce and facilitative mediation?" In facilitative mediation, a neutral third party helps the parties frame the issues, co…
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Michigan Divorce FAQ: When will divorce be over?

Oakland County family law attorney Danielle Smith answers: "I filed for divorce; why is it taking so long, when will it be over?"
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Collaborative Divorce FAQ: Do we each need an attorney?

Michigan collaborative divorce attorney Danielle Smith answers the question: "For a collaborative divorce, do we each need an attorney?" Yes. In Collaborative Divorce, each spouse is represented by an attorney. The attorney acts as a facilitat…
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Business Owners and Litigation

Divorce is a particularly challenging time for a couple, even more so when there is a family-owned business or other business interest involved. In contentious divorce proceedings, there is a high degree of uncertainty, and the parties are unable to…
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Collaborative Divorce Later in Life - Long Term Marriages

There is a rising trend throughout the United States among older adults contemplating and pursuing divorce to end long term marriages of 30 or 40 years. Divorce at this stage in life is quite distinct from a divorce among younger couples just starti…
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Michigan Collaborative Divorce Process

Negotiations between the divorce couple occur in 4-way, 6-way, 7-way and 8-way meetings depending on the complexity of the case, the needs of the clients, and the professional team in place. Meetings are conducted like business meetings with agendas…
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History of Collaborative Divorce

The Collaborative Process for Divorce (also known as collaborative law, collaborative divorce, collaborative practice and collaborative process) began its evolution some twenty years ago. This conflict resolution process was adopted by family law att…
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Efficient Communication

The most important meeting you will have with an attorney is the first initial consultation. At that meeting, both client and attorney will decide whether they can work together as a team. Establishing a rapport with an attorney is critical at this m…
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