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Through the use and application of advanced, extensive research and practice of resolving conflicts on the personal, corporate, and international level this firm offers clients the opportunity to reduce animosity, eliminate unnecessary legal fees and curtail useless court appearances, while providing clients with valuable tools for learning to communicate, problem solve, and co-parent their children into the future. Learn more about our Collaborative Divorce Philosophy

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Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process where a neutral third party, specifically trained to mediate, serves to assist people with disagreements to come to creative resolutions.


Arbitration is voluntary and the parties must sign a written agreement to arbitrate their matter and it must be either in a court order or recorded by a court reporter in open court before a judge.

Child Custody/Parenting

We educate our clients to not be so concerned with the label of who has or does not have "custody" of the children. What is most important is the interaction the children have with both parents and the parents having the ability to both work together for the children's future health, stability and success.

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