Danielle has represented me and my family for many years and is a true professional. Without her expertise and experience my outcomes may have been unpleasant. She is a pleasure to work with, and contacts you quickly about every issue or problem that comes up. I have no problem giving her and her firm 5 stars for years of jobs well done.

– JG

I was referred to the law firm by one of my friends, and had just spoke to Danielle over the phone as I was out of the area, send her some of the back ground information about my case – which was truly an uphill battle and required work to re-start the matter to get justice.

Danielle was positive from the beginning, explained the possible scenarios, but most of all, was very supportive and understanding, which made it possible for us to put up our side in the correct manner as needed. During the long process, she was always co-operative, listened to everything I had to say, gave me sincere advice, nothing just to please my ears, which I truly appreciate. She was able to understand the depth of the situation, and so was able to get to the best possible outcome.

Whenever needed, she came out as a human being first and an attorney later, she has even gone out of her ways, to accommodate certain situations and has always been very supportive, true advisor and guide.

– Female Divorce Client

I went through a horrible divorce, with a different attorney, where I was lied about and made out to look like a monster that didn't care about his children. My attorney, in my opinion, did nothing to stop this from happening; hence the outcome was horrific for the relationship between my children and me. Needless to say when I decided to go back to court to obtain custody of my eldest daughter, and more time with my two younger daughters I went shopping for a new attorney.

Danielle was my third. I am so grateful for Danielle and her professionalism and true wisdom of the laws and how they are supposed to work – for everyone equally. Danielle went to court with me numerous times – my ex was accusing me of everything under the sun and got a court date for every new idea she made up. Each time Danielle was prepared for whatever curve ball we were thrown, and was ready with a counter and proof that what was being stated was nothing but lies and actually contradicted what was stated in early court appearances – some of which were when she was not my attorney. The time Danielle took explaining things to me either on the phone, e-mail or during our 'weekly' court visits was reassuring. She made me feel like I was doing the right thing, that she believed in my and my rights as a father, and that she had my back!

Danielle gave me back my children and my life. I gained full custody of my eldest daughter and I now have my other children 4-5 days a week. I now have a much greater respect for the law and the court system and that is ALL thanks to Danielle. Thank you!

– Male Divorce Client

Someone who cares! It is infrequent to find people who really care in Family Law... Thank you for all of your help!!!

– Kyle

I have been a client of Danielle Smith for nearly a year. My ex filed for full custody after we spent almost two years with joint legal and joint physical custody. Danielle was extremely thorough with her research and came to every hearing prepared. In fact she was so well prepared and proactive in her efforts prior to our hearing, I am certain it made the difference in my case. The possibility of losing my kids and becoming an every other weekend dad is the scariest and most stressful thing I've ever been through. I am thankful to of had such incredible representation. I can't possibility thank her enough.


Danielle Smith was my attorney for over two years. My case was very complicated. However, she did her best to resolve the issue. She is very professional. I am entirely satisfied with her service.

– Ratepoint Reviewer

Hello my name is N-J and my lawyer is Mrs. Danielle Smith, she has been my attorney over a year now,i have been blessed that she has represented me, i felt very safe and secure because of her qualifications and the way she represented me made me feel like it was family. She is very understanding, patient attorney and her work all comes from the heart. Mrs. Smith is a very quick responder, there is never been a time where I had a question she answered me very quickly and her representation in court she is a VERY strong attorney. P.S: I WILL NOT HAVE ANY OTHER ATTORNEY AFTER I HAVE SEEN THE WAY DANIELLE SMITH STAND BY ME AND REPRESENT ME.

– N-J

Over the years we have gotten to know Danielle Smith quite well starting when we retained her service's to guide us through a nasty custody battle, we have been impressed with her dedication to any endeavor she has been involved with on our behalf.

Danielle demonstrates a giving and generous nature of her time, and legal expertise. She has at all time's demonstrated honesty, and compassion in delicate matters such as those found commonly in the emotionally charged cases of Family Law (such as ours unfortunately had become) prior to Danielle being retained. We directly observed that Danielle is well respected by other counsel and Court Officials as being honest, well prepared, a good judge of character, and fairness. In preparing for Court, as well as with any other matter we have presented to her. She has been an excellent role model for us as parents, and our children. She is the person who taught us to be gentle, and think big picture outside of emotions, and to do the right thing, the right way in the legal system. She demonstrated extreme patience and repeatedly demonstrated thru the professionalism, and the compassion of her own character how to "handle it".

The Family Courts are not friendly places; they only exist because common sense has gone out the window. Her opinions came with explanations that helped us to understand why it was prudent to consider following the course of action she was recommending, the choice was ultimately ours, but having a professional opinion more often than not provided clarity, and took emotions, egos, and attitudes out of the picture, and in short order the right choices were made. Danielle also demonstrates empathy and true compassion for those less fortunate as they rarely have a voice in Family Law. Our children! We feel these attributes demonstrate someone with an exceptional character, professionalism, and last but not least a trusted family friend. She makes a special effort to include common sense whenever it is possible. Honesty prevails.

– D&W