Over the years we have gotten to know Danielle Smith quite well starting when we retained her service's to guide us through a nasty custody battle, we have been impressed with her dedication to any endeavor she has been involved with on our behalf.

Danielle demonstrates a giving and generous nature of her time, and legal expertise. She has at all time's demonstrated honesty, and compassion in delicate matters such as those found commonly in the emotionally charged cases of Family Law (such as ours unfortunately had become) prior to Danielle being retained. We directly observed that Danielle is well respected by other counsel and Court Officials as being honest, well prepared, a good judge of character, and fairness. In preparing for Court, as well as with any other matter we have presented to her. She has been an excellent role model for us as parents, and our children. She is the person who taught us to be gentle, and think big picture outside of emotions, and to do the right thing, the right way in the legal system. She demonstrated extreme patience and repeatedly demonstrated thru the professionalism, and the compassion of her own character how to "handle it".

The Family Courts are not friendly places; they only exist because common sense has gone out the window. Her opinions came with explanations that helped us to understand why it was prudent to consider following the course of action she was recommending, the choice was ultimately ours, but having a professional opinion more often than not provided clarity, and took emotions, egos, and attitudes out of the picture, and in short order the right choices were made. Danielle also demonstrates empathy and true compassion for those less fortunate as they rarely have a voice in Family Law. Our children! We feel these attributes demonstrate someone with an exceptional character, professionalism, and last but not least a trusted family friend. She makes a special effort to include common sense whenever it is possible. Honesty prevails.