I was referred to the law firm by one of my friends, and had just spoke to Danielle over the phone as I was out of the area, send her some of the back ground information about my case – which was truly an uphill battle and required work to re-start the matter to get justice.

Danielle was positive from the beginning, explained the possible scenarios, but most of all, was very supportive and understanding, which made it possible for us to put up our side in the correct manner as needed. During the long process, she was always co-operative, listened to everything I had to say, gave me sincere advice, nothing just to please my ears, which I truly appreciate. She was able to understand the depth of the situation, and so was able to get to the best possible outcome.

Whenever needed, she came out as a human being first and an attorney later, she has even gone out of her ways, to accommodate certain situations and has always been very supportive, true advisor and guide.