I went through a horrible divorce, with a different attorney, where I was lied about and made out to look like a monster that didn't care about his children. My attorney, in my opinion, did nothing to stop this from happening; hence the outcome was horrific for the relationship between my children and me. Needless to say when I decided to go back to court to obtain custody of my eldest daughter, and more time with my two younger daughters I went shopping for a new attorney.

Danielle was my third. I am so grateful for Danielle and her professionalism and true wisdom of the laws and how they are supposed to work – for everyone equally. Danielle went to court with me numerous times – my ex was accusing me of everything under the sun and got a court date for every new idea she made up. Each time Danielle was prepared for whatever curve ball we were thrown, and was ready with a counter and proof that what was being stated was nothing but lies and actually contradicted what was stated in early court appearances – some of which were when she was not my attorney. The time Danielle took explaining things to me either on the phone, e-mail or during our 'weekly' court visits was reassuring. She made me feel like I was doing the right thing, that she believed in my and my rights as a father, and that she had my back!

Danielle gave me back my children and my life. I gained full custody of my eldest daughter and I now have my other children 4-5 days a week. I now have a much greater respect for the law and the court system and that is ALL thanks to Danielle. Thank you!