Divorce FAQ: Hiring a Divorce Attorney

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when choosing a divorce attorney. On one hand, it is important to hire an attorney with significant experience handling cases of divorce. Qualification comes with experience. Thus, while some attorneys have years of experience, but divorce is only one of the many areas in which they practice, the client may not be getting the quality he or she deserves. Consider choosing an attorney who practices exclusively in the area of domestic relations or family law and who handles divorce cases on a daily basis, rather than an occasional case throughout the year. If your divorce involves significant marital assets, you would do well to seek out an attorney with experience handling complex cases of divorce.

The client’s personal preferences also deserve consideration. Finding an attorney who feels comfortable to work with is of utmost importance. The client should consider the attorney’s values and line them up with his or her own. Collaborative Divorce provides people with far more options for their family, rather than slinging mud in court and never feeling satisfied with the result. Ask the attorney how many Collaborative cases he or she has had. Ask the attorney how many Collaborative cases has she or he had where both attorneys and both parties all signed the Participation Agreement requiring attorneys to withdraw if the process is terminated. Attorneys who have advanced training in Collaborative Divorce know and trust their skill set and will always sign the agreement, never fearing the possibility of termination because they know the value of the process to their clients and know how to get around natural impasses.

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